A junior at Carnegie Vanguard High School, the 9th most challenging American high school ranked by the Washington Post, takes on a unique challenge: TPSP. The Texas Performance Standard Project (TPSP) is a two-semester project that consists of a research paper and a product that puts the research into a tangible creation. The project is a first for most students to dive into an interesting field, gain exposure through professionals in the community, and produce an original product with a personal touch.

Below is a cumulative list of the Class of 2016’s TPSP topics to inspire subsequent classes.


asian-american mental health

modern animal agriculture-movements toward sustainability

multi racial self-identification

obesity and its psychological impact

gamification in the workplace

ASD therapies and their effect on communication and social skills

anxiety in teens

feminism in popular culture

algae farming

a low-carb lifestyle

juveniles in the justice system

aquaponics for the future

improving healthcare delivery in the united states

equitable student funding for texas

advancing the process of gentrification

under representation of education in sports

religious freedom in Texas

the arts and their effect on the lgbtq social justice movement

math education in the us: advantages and shortcomings

isolation of people with intellectual disabilities

the socio-psychological construction of racial stereotypes

the winds of change: a global revolution in energy

more than just melenan

social media: decisions and perceptions

adverse effects of over-saturation of plastic products

how beauty affects the treatment of women

acne and its effects

tabletop rpgs’ psychological benefits and possible psychotherapeutic uses

consumer driven healthcare in the u.s. and england

the u.n. security council and the economic benefits to its member nations

the triggering of emotions in film

sexism in the music industry

aspects of self-defense

self-esteem and body image in teens

video games in education

negative body image in american society

living with cystic fibrosis

commercial spaceflights, aeronautics, and safety

negative representation on transgender bullying

athleticism in the united states

technology and education

effectively teaching children with ADD/ADHD

effects of art on social and political issues


reading, self-esteem, and behavior

stereotypes and their effect on the academic performance of students


bees and the benefits of agriculture

sports nutrition

car insurance savior for teens

second language acquisition

living in foster care


technology and music production

kindergarten project

anulterria: the role playing game

showing history through architecture- the parthenon

females in the media

how rural schools impact gifted and talented students

anxiety in teens

internet piracy and its detrimental effects on society

licensing of naturopaths in texas

impractical styles

lack of physical diversity in the modeling industry

civil engineering in building stability

water sanitation in third world countries

theme park design

drone regulation

the importance of exercise in high school

the importance of sex education

near earth objects and asteroids

gender roles

ayurveda: a modern take on an ancient medicine

fad diets

high intensity sweeteners

animal assisted therapy

the treatment of vitiligo

happiness in relation to physical health

NSA ethicality

economic benefits of historical preservation

brain cancer

music therapy and autism

the economic and nutritional value of organic foods

comparative education and the economy

public playgrounds for children with delays and disabilities

ant eusociality and its application in modern infrastructure

stem cell therapy with regard to cardiovascular disease

art in education

the impact of an efficient public transportation system

the use of animal assisted therapy in reducing stress

the lack of and misrepresentation of women in film

hobo chic

war against beauty standards

canine amputations

motee (motivation)

design decisions in the workplace

the value of canine assisted therapy

radio renaissance

the integration of motor imagery into stroke rehabilitation

the importance of conserving coastal wetlands

the portrayal of gender in Disney animated films

the design of the guitar: a timeline of sounds

videos to teach cooking

the benefits of musical education on a student’s auditory perception

integrating acupuncture and integrative medicine with western medicine

rhino press: the future of digital journalism

the psychological profile of serial killers

how the increased use of technology is changing the way humans interact

 coral reef preservation

the latin language in relation to archaic latin epigraphy

sleep deprivation in teens

college obesity